How long do you think it will take bloom energy to shrink their bloom box down to size for home use?



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    Monitor colleague Mike Farrell reports that experts are skeptical about whether Mr. Sridhar, who has already raised about $400 million to produce his boxes, can bring expensive fuel cell technology to the masses. 

    “I definitely think Bloom is over-hyped,” says Jacob Grose, senior analyst at Lux Research, which specializes in emerging technologies, though he stresses that he hasn’t seen the soon-to-be-unveiled Bloom box. “What Bloom offers does not seem to be unique – other fuel-cell companies are doing very similar things. The real question is whether Bloom has unlocked the secret of how to make these things cheap, and I’m very skeptical of that.”

     I personally, believe that it will be a long time. Until funding for the projects are increased greatly it will not be cheap enough to sell for home use. 

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