How long do you think it will take for America to stop caring about renewable energy again?



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    It would be helpful to share why you say “again,” but excepting that, I would propose that America will not stop caring about renewable energy so long as the average consumer is aware of its benefits. Considering how quickly and easily we can acquire information today (I’m writing this from my phone), I don’t see consumers becoming less aware in that way as we move forward. It would literally take a nationwide catastrophe like our whole power grid going down for Americans to stop caring, in my opinion.

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    I actually think that America is now at the point where we will always care about renewable energy.  I think that you are correct in your assumption that some people will stop being so concerned once all of the hype about the Gulf Coast spill ends, but I think there are enough people who will be calling for it still and the idea has gotten enough publicity that we will continue to move towards renewable energy.  The idea is engrained enough in our culture at this point, and the benefits are way too obvious, especially with the idea of global warming still looming above us.

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    I think that the nation, and the world, is at a point where we cannot possibly go back to how things were in the 1960’s or 1980’s. If we don’t change our ways, the negative effects of global warming are going to really start to batter us within our own lifetimes. If we stop caring about renewable energy, then we might as well stop caring about our health and survival. They are intrinsically linked at this point.

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    I think it would take a lot for most Americans to forget about renewable energy. In this horrible economy, people are desperate to find a niche in the job market.  Many people are looking to green energy to help them out of this rut. I think the focus on renewable energy sources is even more heightened than usual because of the current economic depression.  

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