How long do you think it will take before America produces more than half of their energy from renewable resources?



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    Converting everything to be able to support the ever increasing number of renewable resources could take a while.  However, with the number of people that are concerned with the effect we are having on the environment, I see many of the large corporations and the government taking steps to ensure they can appease as many people as they can.  Because of this, I’m predicting that within the next 10-20 years, at least half of all products will be upcycled or recycled, and most energy sources will be renewable and eco friendly.  

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    Energy can be subdivided into electricity (~60%) and energy for transportation(gasoline ~40%). Of this ~55% is wasted or unuseful energy. Renewables are typically considered hydroelectric, biomass, geothermal, wind, solar which currently make up about 6% of energy (10% of electricity). Nuclear can be debated as renewable (using fast neutron reactors and reprocessing) which makes up 8% of energy. Converting to all-electric cars would eliminate gasoline consumption but if this new electricity demand comes from fossil fuels there will be no change. The US is building lots of natural gas fired plant, slowing decommission coal and nuclear plants and slowing growing in wind and solar(fast in terms of growth but slow relative to total %, less than 2% currently). Your question is obviously complicated but I will guess a minimum of 50 years but possibly less if the US changes its outlook on nuclear energy.

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