How long do you think it is going to take biofuel to be available to everyone?



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    Why do we need fuel in the first place? I mean, I know we need heat (and A/C + refrigerdation) and electricity (and motors to run or assist with transportation sysems and all), but who says that we have to be burning a combustable fuel at all? I don’t know if biofuels wil ever be the be-all end-all solution to climate change and CO2 emissions, because they still produce tons of CO2, and they are very costly (in water use and food supply—in terms of resource allocation) as well. I think electricity as a fuel source for cars will be more popular as we move forward than widespread production and use of biofuels. There is a food shortage in most of the world. Biofuels need to be used, but only in cases of waste products! Where we get this electricity from is the issue. They will become more popular (bio-fuel powered plants and cars that run off biofuels) within the next 50 years, but they will soon be replaced by more efficient (less polluting) and more easily available (you don’t have to grow an entire corn field and then harvest it for fuel instead of food!) alternative fuel sources (such as solar, wind, geothermal, tidal energy, hydroelectric [gravity powered! w/ the help of the biosphere and the water cycle!] biomechanical energy, and more— or some say even nuclear fission or even one day soon fusion — but I don’t like the idea of creating a hot spot of 200,000,000 degrees farenheit here on earth just to create some energy that I could just as easily create myself or get from the sun — it just seems like one really big fire hazard waiting to happen(and entirely too energy intensive) — I would divert the funds away from fusion research (and biofuels to boot) and work on fixing the problems we have here right now, instead of adding to the terrible situation while trying to fix it (and the same thing goes for the space exploration/ colonization program — we have enough resources here~!). And food should be used for food — but heck biofuels can be made from corn and rice stalks (anything with cellulose apparently) and other non-edible debris, so hopefully we will start using this newer technology to become like the native americans and do something productive with our waste products. I change my answer to 36 years!

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