How long do you have to drive a car to produce 1 ton of carbon?



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    To calculate how long it takes a car to produce a ton of carbon, we start with 1 gallon of gas produces 20 pounds of CO2. Then it matters what your miles per gallon is, but 20 miles per gallon is an approximate average (probably a high estimate with all the gas guzzling cars on the road). So in a car that gets 20 mpg, and with gasoline that creates 20 lbs CO2 per gallon, there is about 1 lb CO2 per mile traveled. So a car would produce 1 ton of carbon in 2000 miles.

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    It depends on the car. Let’s take one specific example that we can calculate with precision. Recently the Environmental Transport Association ranked the Dodge Cabriolet as the #1 worst car for the environment, in part because it generates 488 grams of carbon per kilometer traveled. That’s 1.08 pounds of carbon; thus in a Dodge Cabriolet you’d have to travel 1851.85 km, or 1,150.69 miles to generate one ton of carbon.

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