How long do you have to be in the sun to get enough Vitamin D?



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    It is suggested that people with fair skin should spend at least ten minutes a day in midday sun during the summer.  During winter months, many places do not get ultraviolet B rays from the sun.  It is advised that people stock up on the nutrient during the summer months.  The ten minutes in the sun helps the body to produce roughly 10,000 international units of Vitamin D.  The government recomends “200 IUs a day up to age 50, 400 IUs to age 70, and 600 IUs over 70.”  Some experts believe that this estimate in entirely too low though, and think that during the winter months people should take 2,000 IUs a day through supplimates, and spend time in the sun during the summer.

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    Another important point about sun exposure is that people with darker skin actually need more sun exposure in order for their bodies to produce the same amount of vitamin D as those with fair skin. And vitamin D deficiency in African Americans has been linked to high rates of multiple sclerosis in northern climates and cardiovascular disease.

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