How long do whales get?



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    The longest whales are the Blue Whales, the largest of which were two females who were 109 and 110 feet long.

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    The largest animal on the planet is the blue whale. The longest blue whale was recorded as being 108 feet long. Typically though, they grow to be between 75-80 feet long and can weigh over 100 tons (that’s almost 200,000 pounds!). The smallest whale (that is not a dolphin) is the dwarf sperm whale, and it can get to about 8.5 feet long.

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    Different species of whales grow to different lengths and weights. The largest species of whale and largest known animal on Earth is the blue whale. They generally grow to lengths between 82 to 105 feet and can weigh up to 200 tons. Their tongue alone can weigh as much as an elephant and an adult blue whale can eat up to 4 tons of krill in one day.

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