How long do we have to wait to build on a landfill after it has been sealed?



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    It isn’t so much the time since the landfill has been sealed you have to sorry about, so much as the fact that you have to make sure there is no gas being created by the landfill itself. Putrescible material has a great chance of creating harmful gas and uneven earth, so you have to be careful.

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    Exactly.  The methane that is produced by the rotting trash would be uncomfortable to live by, and not to mention that if you wanted to have a basement, well, it would be quite difficult to dig and pour in a mound of rotting trash.  And once the trash continues to rot, you may develop a sink hole and have all new problems to worry about. One good use for a former landfill that I saw was to put a ski hill on top of it.  I think you could still capture methane from it, and any shifting in the mound would only add to the terrain of the ski slope.

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