How long do stuffed deer last?



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    Most taxidermists state that their final creations will last for decades, but there are museum pieces out there that are much older than even the 40 years quoted by one professional… that said, here are some tips to keep your critter longer (minus the really long part about bugs that you can read by going to the citation link).


    But there are more factors than hungry pests. Simon Moore is a Senior Conservator of Natural Sciences, who job it is to restore and sometimes even has to recreate preserved creatures from shreds and feathers.  He kindly gave me a list of main culprits affecting the longevity of taxidermy:

    Humidity-related: pests (see above), moulds, case warping, rusting armatures, eye extrusion (see also below) due to expansion of wadding behind it, damp staining
    Also too dry causes: case back splitting and warping (again) allowing pests ingress, drying of protein – skin stretching and eyes popping (again), also embrittlement of skin and horn products, including wattles, legs, beaks.
    Light bleaching: fading gradually occurs and requires test strip monitoring for specimens near sources of light (esp. sunlight)
    Dust – acidic causes burning, discolouration of pale feathers.
    Fat seepage and burn: due to poor taxidermy, non-removal of subcutaneous fat bodies.
    Physical damage: obvious
    Fire: obvious
    Flood: obvious
    Theft and Vandalism: Taxidermy on open display often encourages teenage humourists!

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