How long do species stay on the endangered list?



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    There is not a set amount of time for species that are on the list; they usually are on the list as long as it takes for their population to reach a healthy level. Usually if an animal makes a comeback in the wild, they will move from being endangered to threatened. If their situation becomes worse, they move to critically endangered. For more information about these rating, visit the link below.

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    Species stay on the endangered list until either one of two things happen: either their population gets entirely wiped away and they get placed on the extinct species list, or successful conservation measures lead to an incline in population numbers and the species slowly regains its strength, no longer needing to be considered endangered. There is also a series of color-coded rankings within the endangered species list (from red to orange to yellow).

    Examples of species having been successfully taken off of the list are the bald eagle and gray wolf, though there are very controversial politics surrounding this decision, namely because placement on this list confers specific legal protections from hunting and poaching which are now not available to these species. For newslinks on these two species, find the links below.

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