How long do stars burn for?



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    The lifespan of stars varies from thousands of years for massive stars to billions for smaller stars. Our Sun, which is of average mass, is predicted to live for about 10 billion years (it is about halfway through).

    TYPICALLY, Smaller stars burn less fuel and thus take longer to “burn out”(up to billions of years) Larger stars burn their “fuel” much faster, and thus typically die a faster (millions of years), more violent death. However there are exceptions to this rule.

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    There are factors that will define how long a star will survive; how quickly they burn through the hydrogen fuel in their cores, and whether they have any way to keep the fuel in their core mixed up. Our own Sun has three distinct layers, the core, where nuclear fusion takes place, the radiative zone, where photons are emitted and then absorbed by atoms in the star. The final zone is the convective zone. In this region, hot gas from the edge of the radiative zone is carried upwards to the surface of the star in columns of hot plasma.

    The biggest stars last only millions, the medium-sized stars last billions, and the smallest stars can last trillions of years.

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