how long do star fish live for

they can live for about a good 8 it depends on sum speices



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    Nobody can seem to agree on how many species there are, which is a lousy indicator of information accuracy, for a start. Wikipedia says 1,800. And it says the larger species generally live the longest: 34 years.

    National Geographic, being equally unconvincing, says there are 2,000 species and that in the wild starfish live up to 35 years. (No clue as to whether they live longer in an aquarium.)

    Do you ever get that lurking suspicion that the authorities really don’t know? Jeeze. How long can it take to figure out how long a starfish lives? Oh. 35 years?

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    Mine lived for 6 years.

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    Star fishes, are in reality not fishes. Star fishes are related to sea urchins and sand dollars. Also known as Sea Stars, these creatures have no brains and blood. Their “blood” is the sea water and so seawater is filtered throughout its system. Interestingly enough,  Its nervous system is found throughout their arms which is capable of regenerating if its limbs are somehow extracted. Star fishes are invertebrates and are carnivores. They can live up to thirty five years and can weigh up to eleven pounds.

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