How long do sequoia trees live if we don’t cut them down?



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    The only way sequoia’s die are by natural disasters or man-made disasters. The oldest specimen in record lived around 3200 years! The are impervious to any disease and are second in height to their close relatives the redwoods on the northern California coast.

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    There are different types of sequoia trees, but all have long lifespans. There are Sierra Redwoods that include both Giant Sequoia, sometimes called Big Trees, and Coast Redwoods. Giant Sequoia redwoods live thousands of years. The oldest is 3,200 years old. In general, the Coast Redwoods are one thousand years younger and many are 2,200 years old. The average ago of a Coastal Redwood is 600 years old. Typically these trees continue to live until toppled by wind or a catastrophic event.

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