How long do most computers last?



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    Here are some statistics:

    A normal PC should provide between 3 and 5 years of good use before a replacement becomes prudent.

    A CRT computer monitor on the other hand lasts for approximately 10 years before there is a noticeable drop in brightness and 20 years for LCDs.

    Keyboards and mouses generally rarely fail.

    A PC, the laptop, is an average of about 684 days of use. Normally manufacturers recommend you change it after 2 years of use.

    A Mac presumes its products on average last 7 years or at least thats how they calculate their energy costs. I could not find a reliable statistic for the lifespan of a powerbook.

    Note: My laptop, a sony vaio, has lasted 5 years and the battery is not great but it works. There are many exceptions to the 2 year rule.

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