How long do mosquitoes live?



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    There are over 100 described species of mosquitos in North America. The average life span of a female is 3-100 days and the male 10-20 days. 

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    The lifespan of a mosquito depends on three factors: species, gender and temperature. Generally, female mosquitoes live for two weeks to a month, while male mosquitoes only live for a week. Hotter temperatures may cause mosquitoes to finish their life cycles more rapidly. Female mosquitoes are the ones that feast on your blood.

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    The average life span of an adult mosquito depends on the temperature.  Typically, a female will live for 15 to 100 days and a male will live for 15 to 25 days.  The female has a longer life span than the male to allow time for laying eggs and nourishing herself and those eggs with blood.

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    Mosquitos have an adult life span of about 2 weeks. However, it may be shorter than that if they are killed, eaten, etc. Some mosquitos may persist for 2-3 months if they are from a species that have only a single generation each year and do not live in a distressing environment. If they hibernate, mosquitos may live for 6-8 months.

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