How long do horses live?



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    The expected life span of a horse is approximately twenty to thirty years. This number has increased dramatically over the years; horses were once considered old at 13 years. Interesting fact: The Guinness Book of Records lists a horse named Old Billy that was born in 1760 and lived to the incredible age of 62.

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    Horses typically live between twenty and thirty years. Ponies tend to be hardier than horses, and are more likely to reach the thirty year mark. Of course, there are a number of factors that can lead to a decreased life span. Competition horses are more susceptible to life-threatening injury. Supplements and a good diet can increase your horse’s chance at a long life. A horse is considered “mature” around the 12-14 year mark, and horses are typically retired around the 20 year mark. However, there are many cases of horses successfully competing well past their prime.

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    Domesticated horses live 20 – 30 years; however, wild horses usually live only about 19 – 20 years now.

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    The expected life of a horse is generally 20 to 30 years. The oldest horse on record lived to be 62 and the record for oldest horse to give birth was 42.

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