How long do animals have to evolve in caves before they lose their eyes?



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    Evolution takes millions of years for a perfected life product. For animals to physically adapt to surroundings, it’d take several generations. If the fish reproduce at the rate humans do, it’d be several hundred years before the animals lost eyes in caves. The best known species is the cavefish, which has eyes under its skin or no eyes at all, and just sensors along its outer skin for location perception.

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    People who dispute evolution often point to the fact that we cannot see it in our lifetime.  That is precisely how evolution works, however, as it takes many generations of a species, spanning hundreds and thousands  and even millions of years before changes occur.  A simple argument for evolution (not that one should really be needed), would be to point out that animals who live in perpetual darkness don’t have eyes, because they don’t need them. 

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