How long do germs stay on your hands?



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    There are always germs on your hands. Washing your hands removes many of them for a while – how long depends on how long until you touch your face, a door knob, or anything else.

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    As rigibson points out, germs are always on your hands. However, different germs, you might pick up when you come in contact with something, have different life spans as far as how long they can survive and remain harmful. Flu and col germs, for example, can remain alive and capable of infecting for anywhere from only a few minutes to 48hours ( However, the staph bacteria that causes MRSA can live on surfaces for months ( The important thing to remember is that even though there are always germs on your hands, proper hand washing is key to preventing becoming infected with a harmful bacteria, or spreading it to someone else.

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    As stated by, germs “refers to the microscopic bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa that can cause disease.” Now, viruses, typically, can only live outside the body for about 15 seconds. On the other hand, bacteria don’t need hosts like viruses need them. Jazpiri’s answer successfully covers bacteria.

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