How long do frogs stay as tad poles?



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    After hatching, it takes about four weeks for the tadpole to lose its gills so that it will be dependent upon air.  They also start to grow teeth and eat algae, turning it into mushy fragments that are easily swallowed and digested.

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    Depending on the species, a tadpole may not develop fully into an adult form for 1-2 years.  For instance, Bullfrogs (Rana catesbeiana) are known to have very slow maturation rates, but for any species it depends heavily on the frog’s life history traits and environmental conditions (like temperature). 

    One species of frog, the Gastric-Brooding frog, didn’t produce tadpoles as we know them today.  This frog was capable of holding its young inside its own stomach until they matured into tiny froglets!  Unfortunately, it has not been seen in its native Australia since the mid-1980s and is presumed extinct.

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