How long do fish sleep for every day?



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    The concept of what we know as sleeping is a little bit different when applied to a fish. It is important to note that most fish do not have eyelids and some hardly ever move while others move all of the time; certain fish prefer moving during daylight hours while others prefer action at night. Most fish do rest however, the amount of rest that they get isn’t set at a particular time like ours is. Fish tend to just blank out and daydream for awhile, but they are alert the entire time that they do this.

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    Fish do not “sleep” as humans do. Rather, fish have a period of inactivity where they are in a state of rest. If the fish is diurnal, it will enter a state of rest during darkness and regain activity when it is light. If the fish is nocturnal, it will rest during when it is light out and regain activity during darkness. 

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