How long do dogs eyes stay closed after they are born?



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    Most puppies will open their eyes two weeks after birth. However, it usually takes several weeks thereafter for their eyes to fully develop, as puppies are born functionally blind and deaf. The shut eyelids therefore protect the puppies’ eyes while they continue to develop.

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    It depends a lot on the breed, health of the puppies, and other factors, but generally puppies open their eyes between seven and fourteen days after birth. Even after their eyes are open, it takes a couple of days for them to start seeing clearly. Just like their eyes, it takes some time after birth for their ears to open and for hearing to fully develop. Before these senses develop, the puppies depend on smell and touch, especially the scent and feeling of their mother, to understand their environment. As their other senses start to work, they will become more adventurous, begin to crawl and walk, and play with their siblings.

    Week-old puppies that have not yet opened their eyes

    A puppy whose eyes have just opened

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