How long do children have to be before you can test their IQ?



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    I had my IQ tested at my elementary school when I was in the third grade. My wicked-smart older brother had his IQ tested at his school in kindergarten. I visited one site that said it could test a child’s IQ as early as age 3, but its accreditation is questionable. I’ve attached a link for a more credible series of guidelines for testing the intelligence of young children. It seems as though the most common time to test is when a child enters primary school (especially public school), because children with gifted intelligence quotients are considered “special needs” children, and are often placed in more advanced curriculum.

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    It should be noted that IQ is a really imperfect system. The man who invented IQ tests didn’t mean for it to be a measure of overall intelligence, but a way of figuring out which students were behind at certain grade levels and needed extra help.

    IQ tests seem to measure a lot of things that aren’t really related to how smart you are. In particular, your score is higher if you attended a school that receives more funding, if you have more experience with test-taking, and if you’re familiar with mainstream middle class culture. 

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