How long do beta fish live for?



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    Beta Fish will live between 2-3 years in healthy captivity.  Betas have been known to live as long as 7 years in the wild.  As they get older, they begin to lose their color.  Most betas turn brown before they die.

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    Your betta can live up to seven years. You must take in consideration how old the betta is when purchasing. They’re usually about 6-9 months of age if they’re new. Bigger bettas are more likely to be over a year old depending on how vibrant their colors are. They lose color the older they are, may turn brown, not always cmpletly. I have an old betta Splendon, his name is Pablo. His face and underneath his belly are brown, the rest of his body is a dull orange. Sometimes his fins look black but really its all about the lighting. His fins are still vibrant blue and green. He never “darted” around his tank. He doesn’t really its mare like sailing cause his fins are so large. Yet Pablo is still the most aggressive betta I have.
    [Note: Bettas with dark faces tend to be more aggressive.]
    If you want your betta(s) to live a long healthy life you must properly care for it. Most should be common sense but Im finding a lot of answers where overfeeding is involved and their bettas died within a year. If you use pellats, DO NOT give them more than 2 at once, twice a day. If its a large fish, 3. Peas are used to resolve swim blatter. [lays sideways, bulging stomach, no fieces]
    If you use flakes, give them a healthy pinch once a day. I reccomend blood worms 1-2 a week and coloring enhancing food.
    Make sure you clean your bettas tank every 9-11 days or sooner if needed. [1gl] Use water that has sat for 24 hours or more at room temperature, a conditioner, bowl buddies ect. Add ickaway or any stress relizers you can buy at a pet store and your fish is good to go. Try to avoid placing them under open windows, with personally experience found way too many tiny dead bugs to allow. If you’re having trouble keeping the water warm try placing under and lamp. Do not avoid cleaning your props and stones ,exp stones, throughly. Bacteria can still manifest if not properly rinsed and can lead to ICK, closed fins, and other betta diseases. Finally, pay attention to your betta. Owning 4, gave my Mother one for Mother’s Day and Im about to take in another one cause its not properly cared for. But you’ll notice your betta has a personality and grow to love it. I owned previous betta and it died in 12 days, he had Velvet at the time of purchase. I tried so hard to help him but it still got ahold of him. From then on I’ve educated myself of caring for bettas and have my own for experience

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