How long did we have a militia in the United States?



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    Since the American soldiers in the Revolutionary war were considered a militia, we have had one as long as the country has existed. Throughout US history, we have generally considered all able-bodied young men (from age eighteen to their mid-forties) to be a reserve militia, that is, a pool of people who can be drafted. Besides the reserve militia, our current State militias, the National Guard, the Naval Militia, and other such organized militias were formed by the Militia Act of 1903.

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    Technically, we still have militias in the United States. Many citizens set up local militias in their communities in case of emergencies, and we also have organizations like the National Guard who are in partnership with the Army. I suppose you could classify reservists in every military branch as being part of militias, as they are not active duty, but are at the ready should they be needed. You also have self-appointed militias in the United States, albeit extreme versions, like the one that was standing by the border in Arizona trying to ward off people from Mexico from crossing into the United States; it should be noted that though these men are not a militia in the typical sense, they regarded themselves as one.

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