How long can your fingers be frost bitten before you lose them?



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    Frost bite occurs in three stages. The first stage, also called frostnip, begins with tingling in the fingers, almost as if they were asleep, and white blotchy skin color. Superficial frostbite occurs as more of the cells and liquids in your fingers form ice crystals; the skin will likely turn purple and blister and fingers will feel waxy and frozen to the touch. Deep frostbite is the most serious stage when the tissues in your hand are frozen to the bone which causes blood clots and gangrene. The rate at which each stage develops depends entirely on continued exposure to freezing conditions, however once deep frostbite occurs, amputation is the usual procedure. The fact is frostbite is usually accompanied by hypothermia and if you don’t get treated for either, hypothermia will kill you before your fingers falls off and you will become a human popsicle. As far as how long gangrene will take to remove fingers, it could take a couple months.

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