How long can you keep potatoes for before you eat them?



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    There are a number of things that will make your potatoes go bad or become unusual faster, but the quick and dirty rule is that a new potato will last about a week, while mature potatos can last up to eight weeks (although four to five is more likely). However, much of this depends on doing things like keeping the potatos out of the fridge (the cold will change their flavor), out of direct sunlight or intense heat( both of which cause them to sprout), and away from onions (both plants release enzymes that cause the other to spoil).

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    If you want to make avoid throwing away the potatoes you can make them into hasbrowns (grated or cubed) or french fries and store them in the freezer. You will likely want to either fully or partially cook the potato before freezing and avoid freezing in liquid for best results.  For more tips, see this website

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