How long can we store green energy in batteries to use later?



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    I think you’re asking how long batteries with green energy can store energy before the energy completely dissipates. i can’t find the answer to that but I will keep on looking.

    Some facts I have found is that all deep-cycle batteries (which can hold solar and wind power energy) have a measurement known as amp-hours which measures how much energy the battery can deliver over 20 hours before needing to be charged again. I will guess from this that the average battery can sustain itself for 20 hours when delivering energy.

    In Hawaii, a large battery facility is used to deliver energy generated through wind farms. These batteries deliver with 90% efficiency.

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    If your question is just what it appears, then the answer is that electricity generated by green sources is stored in batteries just like any other electricity. There is no difference between electricity from hydropower or from burning coal.

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    I have found that batteries are not entirely reliable when storing green energy on a large scale. This is not a very efficient method to storing the energy. I assume this is why so much money and time is being spent on developing solar energy for use. This is just a much more efficient method.

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