How long can we keep relying on coal before we run out?



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    The supply of coal is depleting rapidly. The amount of coal that we have is definitely limited. Though it is hard to say when the reserves of coal will run out, there is definitely a limit on the amount of coal that we have at our disposal. According to the Energy Bulletin, researchers have projected that our reserves will be entirely depleted by 2030.

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    The Energy Watch Group (which reports to the German Parliament) has predicted that global coal production will peak as soon as 2025. This isn’t the year that coal will run out, though; just the year after which coal will be extracted at progressively lower rates. How long it lasts us after then depends on how much of it we use; hopefully, most of the world will be weaned from coal and have moved on to more renewable energy sources by then.

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    The Energy Bulletin article cited in one of the answers DOES NOT say or suggest that “our reserves will be entirely depleted by 2030.” It reports a study that indicates that peak coal may be reached by 2025. Peak coal is the point at which demand exceeds supply, and at which time half of all the coal that ever existed will have been produced. It is important to note that half of all that ever existed will STILL be in the ground. It is not remotely a case of “entirely depleted” or that we will have “run out.” Peak oil and peak coal or peak anything else DO NOT MEAN “run out.”

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