How long can we expect the batteries of EVs to function?

The battery on my laptop died after one year (I bought it brand new), and now it won’t take more than a few minutes of charge. I wouldn’t get very far from an outlet if I was trying to drive it. Is this an expected danger with electric vehicles? If so, what’s it going to cost to replace the batteries?



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    Nickel Metal Hydride batteries used in Toyota RAV4 EV’s have been demonstrated to last in excess of 100,000 miles without any significant loss to their charging capacity.  Lithium ion batteries are looking even more promising.  For the longevity of a battery, it is recommended to never let its charge drop below twenty percent of its total capacity before initiating the next charging cycle.  That percentage is referred to as the DOD (depth of charge).  Increasing the DOD of a battery is a goal that is being researched.

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    I think we’ll be lucky if batteries last 5 years in hybrids. Batteries are very delicate and should be used as a battery, not like an adapter, meaning after the charging is done it should be unplugged. Hybrids will see more problems than any other type of battery that I can think of, because the charging will be much more frequent and it has to deliver the largest amount of energy under diverse weather and temperature circumstances. To illustrate, a normal car’s battery loses 50% of it capacity during winter time and uses twice to energy to get the engine started, that is a big strain on the battery. Now I would imagine the same thing would happen with the hybrid’s battery plus the added stress of moving the car around all the time (or sometime depending on the type of hybrid). 

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