How long can some birds glide for?



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    The albatrosses, particularly the great albatross, are probably the greatest gliders in the bird world. They spend most of their lives on the wing over the ocean, and are masters of soaring (gliding). They are so good at this, that they can glide forward some 22 m (72 feet) for every single meter they drop.

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    Here are a couple others: A Fulmar in still air can glide quite efficiently, losing only 1 metre in height for every 8.5 metres it travels. The American Black Vulture, however, can glide 22 metres for the loss of only 1 metre in height. This means that an American Black Vulture 501 metres up in the air can, if the air is still, glide 11 kilometres or 7.3 miles before it hits the ground.

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