how long can the sand cat go without actually drinking water? is it indefinite as long as it keeps eating?



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    Sand cats do not ever have to actually drink water. Sand cats are able to obtain all the water they need from their food. Since they live in desert regions where little or no standing water is present, sand cats rely on their prey to provide all the water necessary for survival.  If there are any standing bodies of water around, sand cats tend to avoid them because predators are likely to be near the water source.

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    The sand cat may be known as Felis Margarita, but you will never catch one taking a drink.  Sand cats are uniquely suited to desert life and never need to drink water.  They get all the water they need from prey such as rodent, lizards, and snakes.  They even have a method of hunting poisonous snakes and storing the food for later use.  Some of their prey have similar adaptations, such as the jerboa, a small hopping rodent that also never drinks water and can even make water in its body from dry seeds!  If these prey are not available, the sand cat will dig for insects like beetles or spiders.  If necessary, they will even eat plants for a little moisture. 

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