How long can roses last after you cut them?



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    Usually about 5 days, BUT you can make them last longer if you:

    -cut them in the morning when the glucose content of the blossoms is high,

    -after cutting them outdoors, put them in a bucket of warm water,

    -once indoors, recut all stems and put them in warm water again (otherwise they absorb too much oxygen)

    Read the link below about a solution you can make to put your roses in that will help them last 7-10 days (basically, distilled water and lemon juice, but the temperature and pH are important as well.)

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    One thing we used to do with our roses to help freshen them up if they needed to look good for pictures or a special occasion, was to put them in the fridge, or soak them in very cool water for about 5 minutes.  Make sure you also make fresh cuts in the stem, and change out the water frequently.  I also recently read that keeping boquets near ripening fruit can accelerate the wilting of flowers.

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