How long can rhino horns get?



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    The biggest horn of all the rhino species belongs to the white rhinoceros. Although this rhino typically has two horns, the larger of the two can reach up to 79 inches in length. The rhinos in the northern regions usually produce horns that are 37-40 inches in lenth while the southern rhinos can almost double that size. These horns are a prime target for poaching and has unfortunately resulted in rhinos becoming an endangered animal.

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    It depends on the type of rhino. The larger of the White Rhino’s two horns is about 23.6 inches on average but can get to 60 inches. The Black Rhino horns on the other hand are usually more like a foot long, but could reach about 58 inches or so at max.

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    This depends on the type of rhino. The White Rhino (Africa) has two horns, with the front horn reaching an average length of 90 cm, but can reach up to 150 cm. Black Rhinos have an average front horn length of 50 cm, with the largest being 140 cm. The Indian Rhino (India) has horns between 20 and 101 cm, comparable to the White Rhino. The Java Rhino (Asia) is the rarest of all rhino species and can have a horn length of 26 cm. Female Java Rhinos often have no horns. The smallest rhino is the Sumatran Rhinoceros, who can have a front horn length of 25-79 cm.

    Males have longer horns than females.

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