How long can I leave water in plastic bottles?



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    If stored properly, the FDA says that water bottles do not expire and can last as long as needed. However, almost every water bottle has an expiration date due to a 1987 NEw Jersey law that requires every food and drink to have an expiration date. I often use water bottles a few times before getting rid of them (if I even use plastic water bottles at all), but be careful of BPA. 

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    This is partially more personal opinion than scientific fact, but I would never drink water out of a water bottle again.  The water that comes out of your tap is actually more strictly regulated than what goes into the bottle.  Some of the water that is sold in plastic bottles is actually tap water anyways.  And to make matters worse the BPA found in plastic bottles has been linked to cancer, early puberty, diabetes and obesity.  Best to get yourself a nice reusable BPA free aluminum bottle and just refill!

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