How long can I expect to have a pet turtle if I get one?



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    Most turtles live for a very long time, often exceeding a human lifespan. Box turtles, a very common pet, live up to 100 years in the wild, and can be expected to survive 40 to 50 years in captivity. Getting a turtle as a pet is a long-term commitment, so long as it is cared for properly.

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    Another popular pet turtle is the mud turtle. It can live up to fifty years.

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    Turtles can live from 10 to 50 or 60s years, or even more. It depends on the species of turtle, though, like many reptiles, the tend to live very long lives. Prospective owners should carefully take this into account before owning a turtle, and anyone wishing to stop caring for their pet turtle should not release it into the wild where it cannot survive or is vulnerable to predators. Instead, one should contact a local reptile rescue organization.

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    They are expected to live longer than you will be able to care for it. I had a turtle which I called a depressed turtle because he was very….well, depressed. So I built a little sanctuary for him in my backyard which was in a tropical climate. It protected him from predators, was self sustained and eventually he became happy again, enough to be released completely upon my leaving.

    I highly recommend the same time-line for anyone looking to adopt a turtle.

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