How long can the human body go without sleep

I haven’t had a good night sleep in about a week now I keep waking up at every other hour so soon as the day itself comes I’m as good as a corpse when something needs to be done and last night I did not get any sleep please name side effects of sleep deprivation with answer if you can



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    The world record for longest period without sleeping goes to a 17-year-old high school student who stayed awake for 11 days in 1965 for a Science Fair Project.    The longest I’ve gone without sleep (NO naps, no nodding off, nothing) was 4 days (University finals week) at which point I started to hallucinate.  It was not fun and I never want to do it again.   So there’s one of the side effects for you there.   In addition to that sleep deprivation really impairs your immune system.   Nighttime is when your body focuses on cleaning itself out and healing.   Do you have any idea why you’re struggling to sleep?   

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      people keep saying depression and i don’t doubt it talking about it hardly helps i’ve been have hallucinations as well but what will happen if sleep is just cut off…will i die?

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      I’m not a doctor, but I think you’d have to have a very rare medical condition that would cut sleep out together. I don’t know if there are any opportunities to do this where you live, but I had a friend in LA who had trouble sleeping, so he got to be part of a study. He’d go to the lab some days a week and scientists would pay him so they could observe him trying to sleep.

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    The longest a human being has stayed awake is 11 days with close seconds coming in at 8 and 10 days; but just because humans can remain awake for that long, doesn’t necessarily mean we should.  The humans who remained awake for 8-10 days were under close supervision during medical experiments and although they didn’t experience any serious side effects, each one did show progressive deficiencies in their ability to concentrate, process the environment around them and researchers saw a significant decline in  motivation.  All subjects recovered after a few nights of normal sleep.  


    In mammals other than humans, studies were done on rats who were able to stay awake for periods of up to two weeks but which eventually resulted in death.  Although the cause of death was not directly concluded as sleep deprivation, researchers are sure that there was some evidentiary link.  

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