How long can gold fish live for?



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    The record for longest living goldfish is 43 years, but it is very rare. 15-20 years is not an uncommon number for goldfish’s lifespan when kept in outdoor ponds. In a smaller aquaria, goldfish can live up to 5-10 years.

    It depends on the living environment of the fish.

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    I personally had a goldfish that my father and I kept in an indoor tank that lived for 18 years. However, my father had done a lot of reading about caring for fish and knew how to use various fish medicines, so that probably helped its longevity.

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    Goldfish are capable of living for many decades. The oldest goldfish was 43 years old when he/she died. She was what we call a common feeder goldfish that someone won at a carnival. The reality though is that most goldfish do not live for very long. Fish and other animals are not only dependent upon the environment in which they live naturally or are kept in but also the food and care that they receive.


    Care of Goldfish:


    The rule of thumb for keeping goldfish in an aquarium is 1 goldfish for each ten gallons of water. Care would involve 10-20 percent water changes each week while a cleaning of the sub-straight occurs. Food should be of high quality and fish can be fed 1-3 times per day with an amount that they can consume in three minutes of time.

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