How long can a flywheel system store energy?



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    A flywheel is essentially a really heavy wheel attached to an axle of some kind. The large mass of the wheel means that it requires a large amount of energy to get moving, and also a large amount of energy to be stopped (momentum). Because of this, flywheels essentially “store” energy in a rotational motion way. For example, if a car braking system used a flywheel to store some of the braking energy of the car, then the flywheel would be spinning while the car is stopped. When the traffic light turns green and it’s time to go, the spinning flywheel can be used to help accelerate the car again, lowering the energy required from the engine.

    Note that there are public transit systems contemplating the use of flywheels on subway trains.

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      I apologize, but I just realized that the actual answer to your question did not end up in the answer posted here. In short, a flywheel will store energy for a length of time that depends on the mass of the flywheel and on the efficiency of the bearings used in the mechanism. Thus, the amount of time can vary greatly.

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