How long can canned goods last?



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    It depends on the canned good, some last longer than others, though many of them can last a very long time. It’s best to check the expiration date.

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    As langg said; it really depends on which canned goods we’re discussing as well as other factors like storage location. The link provided has an impressive list with further citations. 

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    Some can last a very long time due to the preservatives usually added to help them last longer. Most canned foods have an expiration date on the can, look for it and this may be helpful in determining how long the food is good for.

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    The answers above are correct; here is some additional information:

    Canned meats last the longest (click on the link below to read about a 118 year old can of meat).

    Foods with a high acid content (for example, tomatoes) should be used within the first year for best quality.  

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