How long can camels go without drinking water?



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    On average, camels can go without water for up to two weeks. Their humps, which are actually made of fat and not water, act as stored food and nourishment and help the camel survive. In some camels, the humps can weigh up to 80 pounds each!

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    How long camels can go without water depends on “the temperature, the kind of work the camel is doing, and the food it is eating” ( Generally, it’s said that camels can go several weeks, but if it’s hot, they will need water at least every 8-10 days, and will drink large amounts when they do finally get that water; they could drink up to 5 gallons then. When it’s colder, camels can go longer, such as a couple weeks.

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    In the wintertime in the desert, camels can last six or seven months without actually drinking water from an outside source. They are able to get some hydration from the plants that they eat during this time, but do not need to drink liquid. During summer however, it is much warmer in the desert and they are not able to last nearly as long without a water source. The time they can spend decreases to only around five days.

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