How long can a bearded dragon run on water?



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    Bearded dragons are not capable of running on top of the water. They can swim fairly well, but I think you are referring to the common basilisk lizards (aka the Jesus Christ lizard). These South American rainforest lizards use their ability to run on water mostly to escape danger from predators. Smaller basilisks can run around 30-60 feet at a time without sinking. Typically the younger lizards can run across the water faster and for longer stretches of time than their older counterparts. 

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    The Basilisk lizard has been nicknamed the “Jesus lizard” because of its ability to “walk on water.” They can run on the surface for about 15 feet at a speed of 5 feet per second. Research has been done to figure out how they can do this. One explanation is explained in the provided link if you are interested in learning about the science behind it. 

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