How long can bamboo cutting boards last?



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    It depends on how well you take care of it.  By following the steps listed below, you can make your bamboo cutting board last for years and years!

    • Wash with hot water and dish soap after each use, but do not immerse it in water.
    • Dry it with a dishtowel.  Don’t let water sit on it for long periods of time.
    • Apply mineral oil to your board once a month to prevent splitting and cracking. Leave it on for two to three hours and use a clean cloth to wipe of excess.
    • Do not rest hot pans or plates on it.
    • Remove stains with white vinegar.
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    Definately, it really does depend on how well you take care of your bamboo cutting board. The previous answer gave some great tips but I’d like to add in my own cents if you don’t mind. Remember that bamboo cutting boards are not dishwasher safe – so never throw them in just to clean them easier. That is, unless you coat them with an adhesive to be able to withstand high temperatures. However, I say just follow the tips given above to get the most out of your cutting board.

    If you use meat, use vinegar to wash the bacteria out. If you stain the board with tomato paste then add salt to a smooth wet sponge to rub it out. Hope that helped.

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