How long are the warranties for ereaders?



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    Most ereaders come with a one-year limited warranty. These types of warranties will not cover anything that you do to the device to break it. Instead, they’ll cover things that are wrong on the manufacturer end. If the hard drive breaks for no reason, the display stops working, your information is randomly deleted, etc., then this will cover it for you.

    In addition to this, most companies will give the option of purchasing an extended warranty that will cover the device for 2 years, and will cover accidental damage. If you dropped your ereader while reading it in the tub, or accidentally ran over it with the car, have no fear, the extended warranty will cover the device and all of your purchases.

    Of course, the situation will change from device to device, but that’s the skinny on the Nook from Barnes and Noble and the Kindle from Amazon.

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