How long and how much energy does it take to clean the water that comes out of in-sink garbage disposals?



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    The estimated energy consumed in drinking water and wastewater services is 56 billion kilowatt hours (kWh), or 3% of the energy consumed in America. This adds approximately 45 million tons of greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere annually. The water that drains out of one’s sink goes to the same place as the water that goes down the shower drain and toilet. The water that drains from each place carries with it its own special class of pathogens, food particles, hair and plenty of other things we do not want in our waterways. Its eventual destination is the nearest water treatment plant. Garbage disposal water will be treated in the same fashion whether it is dirty or not; thus using less water in general is the important factor in reducing the energy consumption of wastewater services. The second link below shows a good breakdown of the water treatment process.

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