How long after a brown recluse bite do you have before you need to get your hand amputated?



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    Hopefully if someone does get bit by a brown recluse, they won’t need to get anything amputated.  Less than 10% of brown recluse bites require amputation, and if necrosis does occur it will happen within four days of the bite.  The fatality of brown recluse bites has gotten hyped up on the Internet: a lot of the pictures that get passed around that are bites are extreme cases.   If you do get bit, usually the area around the bite will just swell up into a hardened red lump within 24 hours of the bite and then it should scab over and heal within 2 months.   It’s always good to get stuff like that looked at by a doctor just in case.   The best prevention though is don’t get bit: if you live in an area where there are brown recluses shake out anything clothing or bedding that’s been sitting around for a while before you use it.  That’s usually where the brown recluses are and they usually just bite because they get surprised and scared.  

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