How is linoleum made? Is it as bad for the Earth as vinyl?



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         Linoleum is not as bad for the earth as vinyl. In fact, it’s quite green. Instead of petrochemicals, linoleum is made from a mixture of natural materials such as ground-up cork, linseed oil, and sawdust. First, the mixture is heated and rolled out on a jute backing. Then, it’s heated more, cut to size, rolled into strips, and sent to stores. 

         Linoleum is more expensive than vinyl, but it lasts much longer. A linoleum floor can last up to 40 years if cared for properly. It doesn’t release harmful phthalates into the home, and it’s biodegradable. Unlike vinyl, the color in linoleum goes all the way through, so it doesn’t need to be replaced if it’s scratched. 

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