How likely is it to contract parasites from eating meat?



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    It is unlikely to contract a parasite from meat if it is cooked properly. Parasitic contraction from meat is more common than from plants, however, as both can play host to a variety of parasites. It is important to cook meat at the recommended temperatures as given by the FDA. Poultry should be cooked at 180 F, lamb at 145 F, steak at 145 F, and ground meats at 160 F. It is also important to make sure that when cooking meat, like a whole chicken, that the temperature in the middle of the bird is hot enough to kill any potential harmful parasites.

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    Your chances are relatively low as long as you thoroughly cook meat. Salting, pickling, drying or smoking the meat is not sufficient, especially in the case of flukes. Some colon specialists will tell you that everyone or nearly everyone has “worms” of some kind. Among the ones that can be contracted through undercooked meat are flukes, tapeworms, and trichinosis. Keep in mind that several of these, especially trichinosis, can be found in the meat of any animal. And fruits and vegetables can contain parasites as well.

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    Depends on how long you’re cooking it for.  If it’s well-done, there’s a very low chance.  However, if you’re eating it raw or rare, there’s a high risk.  So, I would advise cooking meats thoroughly before eating.

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