How likely is an inter-governmental green technology sharing program?



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    It is very unlikely. While most governments will continue to promote green industries and innovation, they are not ready to share technological secrets and ideas with other countries, as has always been the case in history. Governments always prefer their citizens to buy their own goods, and want to export their goods as well.

    This is not entirely a bad policy, as it helps people get green jobs in their country and continues to promote the creation of new ideas.

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    Alot of value in the international trading arena lies in intellectual property rights. These rights give the discovering country exclusive rights to production over their new technological discoveries. Since green technology is still a growing field, the likelyhood of countries being willing to share their exclusive rights of production is unlikely. However, it is possible that in the future some richer countries may be willing to share their technology with developing nations as a way of bridging the economic and technological gap between poor and rich countries.

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