How likely are flying animals to be killed or injured by wind power projects?



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    I can’t give you the exact percent chance that a bird will be harmed by a windmill, but the average annual toll for one highly trafficked area was somewhere around 5000 birds that are killed yearly. So if every wind-farm took out this many birds, the chances would be not good for a bird… I don’t think it can be that drastic, and it seems to me like this would be fairly easy to figure out a way to solve (perhaps cage off the fan-blades, but that might cut down on the amount/ strength of wind that will hit the fans — or send out a sound signal that birds would instinctively stay way from — like how they have loudspeakers that make gun noises near farms, like a auditory scare-crow — or just keep bird feeders around the farm, but none inside the region so they’ll stay away)… If I had to guess I’d say a bird is about as likely to get killed by a wind-mill fan blade as we are likely to be struck by lightning or eaten by a shark… not very. But it’s a good question and raises a serous concern (because birds are important too!)

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