How large a factor in global warming is deforestation?

As I understand it global warming is caused by an imbalance in the natural cycle of CO2 emission and its absorption by plants. Human caused CO2 emission is relatively small compared with natural sources. Isn’t it likely that a the imbalance is caused to some degree by the loss of plants, particularly the deforestation of the Amazon Basin?



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    You are correct in your assumption that deforestation is contributing to global warming.  Trees are the primary consumer of carbon emissions in our world, and with the trees being cut down, the percentage of CO2 in the atmopshere is increasing, leading to an increased level of green house gases, causing global warming.  While there are a lot of natural sources of CO2, human production due to energy creation, manufacturing, and other human creation is steadily increasing, so there are massive amounts (100’s of millions of tons every day) of carbon emissions going into our environment.  That is most likely the main factor of global warming, but it can’t help that instead of planting more trees to cope with the increased CO2, we are cutting down trees.

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